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Pop-Dot was founded on the belief that an agency with an evolved approach could help its clients make a more significant impact in the marketplace. So, what does having an “evolved approach” to marketing, branding and advertising mean?

First, our thoughtful approach takes advantage of the latest discoveries in the Human Sciences, in fields such as: cognitive psychology, social psychology, behavioral economics, neuroscience, linguistics and more.

Secondly, we design strategies based on the evidence provided by marketing science. Nobody (these days) believes that the Sun rotates around the Earth, or that a balance of the “four humors” keeps us healthy. We know these things aren’t true based on the evidence provided by science. So, as with physics and medicine, Pop-Dot believes that it’s time science took its rightful place in guiding strategic marketing decisions.

Thirdly, we’ve killed the sacred cows of marketing that didn’t hold up to the insights gained from the Human Sciences and marketing science. But we eagerly incorporate the techniques and beliefs that have withstood the test of science—as well as the test of time.

Finally, strategies must be brought to vibrant, pulsing life. That’s why we use heady doses of creativity in the design of advertising, collateral, and other campaign deliverables.

Innovatively applied—this is Pop-Dot’s unique way of approaching a radically-evolving marketplace, and an ever-changing world.

Pop-Dot has an award-winning portfolio of work, including:

2017 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: Integrated Advertising Campaign
Silver: Sales Kit
Silver: Consumer Website
Silver: Email Campaign
Silver: Online/Interactive Campaign
Silver: Digital Publication
Silver: Self-Promotional Video
Silver: Microsite
Silver: Logo Design
Silver: Responsive Website

2016 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: Collateral Material / Brochure
Silver: Integrated Advertising Campaign
Silver: Best Consumer Website
Silver: Logo Design

EMBY™ Awards
2014: Best Overall Advertising Campaign
2013: Best Overall Advertising Campaign

Pop-Dot’s Creative Director is also highly awarded:

Gold ADDY®: Sales Promotion, Packaging Campaign
Gold ADDY®: Best Overall Website Design
Gold ADDY®: Collateral Material, Poster Campaign
Gold ADDY®: Business/Trade Publication, Less Than 4 Color
Silver ADDY®: Sales Promotion, Single Unit Packaging
National Hardware Show, Best In Show: Retail Packaging
Citation of Excellence: Product Trademark

Gold ADDY®: Advertising Campaign, Less Than 4 Color
Gold ADDY®: Still Photography, Color
Silver ADDY®: Consumer/Trade Ad, Full Page Color
Silver ADDY®: Consumer/Trade Ad, Full Page
National Hardware Show, Gold Award: Retail Packaging
Citation of Excellence: Spread/Multi-Page Ad

To framework this evolved approach to marketing, Pop-Dot’s founder spent over two years developing a proprietary planning system called the Pop-Dot Brand Stratagem®. The Brand Stratagem takes a logic-based, integrated, and interlocking approach to planning, executing, and measuring the results of marketing campaigns, brand launches, rebranding initiatives, new business strategies, and more.

At the heart of the Stratagem is Pop-Dot’s ROSTEM Planning Process™, which we designed in the agency’s early days to guide projects large and small. ROSTEM stands for: Review, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics, Execution, Measurement.

By following the ROSTEM Planning Process for each and every project, Pop-Dot’s thinkers and creators are assured that their boundless ingenuity is guided by a throughline that’s both carefully reasoned, holistic, and most importantly – effective.

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