Branding and Marketing Case Studies - Midwest Financial Group


The Challenge

Midwest Financial Group understands the value of strategic investment.  In fact, as financial planners, they craft financial strategies for their clients every day.  That’s why, when it came time to invest marketing dollars in their own brand, they wanted an agency partner who would be as intelligent, thoughtful and innovative with their money as they are with their clients’ money.

Knowing this, we were honored to be the agency Midwest Financial Group selected.  And in addition to allocating their marketing budget and making strategic media buys, Pop-Dot was also tasked with addressing the brand’s core strategies.

Among the questions that we needed to answer for MFG, were questions such as: “Are we properly communicating our values, and those attributes that make us truly unique?”

The Solution

A major advantage that Pop-Dot brings to bear for its clients is objectivity.  Rarely is a brand able to see themselves truly as they are—a completely understandable result of the subjective nature of being “on the inside.”

However, Midwest Financial Group had already done the difficult work of defining their “values-based approach” to financial planning.  They understood how that makes them different in the financial services industry, and were doing an admirable job of translating the message to their target audience.

Following market research, a target audience segmentation study and subsequent interviews, we determined that only a few adjustments to their visual, verbal and written communications were necessary.  Along the way, we helped MFG to more clearly define their target consumer, understand their competition and define the goals for their upcoming marketing campaign.

Finally, a detailed marketing plan was completed which included the results of the initial market research, as well as media strategies for upcoming campaigns, messaging guidance for an array of advertising channels, and a line-by-line budget proposal to make the most of their annual marketing spend.

Subsequently, Pop-Dot was chosen as the Agency of Record for Midwest Financial Group.  Today, we’re hard at work for the brand, creating radio spots, billboards designs, print ads and developing a new website.

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