We are Pop-Dot. And we have an evolved approach to packaging design.

You see, we don’t start with the traditional questions…or with graphic design. We begin with the end in mind. We begin with what matters to you. We begin with the reason you have packaging in the first place. We begin with your business objectives and the goals you have for your brand.

We begin there, because packaging should do one thing: grow your brand. And Pop-Dot grows brands by creating business effects–real business effects–such as increased market penetration and market share. That’s why Pop-Dot is comprised of not only award-winning creative talent, but also with business, brand, and marketing professionals–each of which will have an influence on the design of your packaging.

But, don’t be mistaken. Packaging design should be beautiful. And the packaging we design is just that. But beautiful doesn’t necessarily grow brands. Intelligence-infused, strategy-tethered, beautiful packaging design…that grows brands.

Pop-Dot’s evolved approach is also informed by other disciplines, such as behavioral economics and marketing science. Having control over the application of these disciplines allows us to better understand consumers in the marketplace, know how to nudge them into picking up your package, and best determine why they’d choose your product’s package over the competition.

So we understand how to make a 3-dimensional, rational argument that packaging design requires. But we also understand how to embed emotional triggers that prompt pre-determined behaviors from your potential consumers–behaviors we determine together. Approached “the Pop-Dot way,” every square inch of your packaging is designed with intent–every word chosen and every graphical element adds value.

The entire process is guided by our proprietary methodology: The Pop-Dot Brand Strategem®–and at its foundation–Pop-Dot’s ROSTEM® Planning Process.

These tools enable us to confidently uncover insights that help us to clearly define the path forward–from behavioral mapping to distribution strategies to planogram optimization–creating an overall plan and packaging design which is a fully-integrated extension of your business, your brand, and your product.

By the time your packaging design is complete, you’ll have so much more than simply a packaging design. You’ll possess two additional things which are much, much more valuable. Priceless, even. You’ll have clarity, and you’ll have confidence.

We’re Pop-Dot. We grow brands. And we do it by infusing our packaging designs with business, brand and marketing IQ–followed by heady doses of creativity.

Welcome to Pop-Dot.

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Pop-Dot has an award-winning portfolio, including:

2017 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: Integrated Advertising Campaign
Silver: Sales Kit
Silver: Consumer Website
Silver: Email Campaign
Silver: Online/Interactive Campaign
Silver: Digital Publication
Silver: Self-Promotional Video
Silver: Microsite
Silver: Logo Design
Silver: Responsive Website

2016 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: Collateral Material / Brochure
Silver: Integrated Advertising Campaign
Silver: Best Consumer Website
Silver: Logo Design

EMBY™ Awards
2014: Best Overall Advertising Campaign
2013: Best Overall Advertising Campaign

Pop-Dot’s Creative Director is also highly awarded:

Gold ADDY®: Sales Promotion, Packaging Campaign
Gold ADDY®: Best Overall Website Design
Gold ADDY®: Collateral Material, Poster Campaign
Gold ADDY®: Business/Trade Publication, Less Than 4 Color
Silver ADDY®: Sales Promotion, Single Unit Packaging
National Hardware Show, Best In Show: Retail Packaging
Citation of Excellence: Product Trademark

Gold ADDY®: Advertising Campaign, Less Than 4 Color
Gold ADDY®: Still Photography, Color
Silver ADDY®: Consumer/Trade Ad, Full Page Color
Silver ADDY®: Consumer/Trade Ad, Full Page
National Hardware Show, Gold Award: Retail Packaging
Citation of Excellence: Spread/Multi-Page Ad

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