Brand Strategy

Positioning, brand associations, messaging, brand growth strategies, brand architecture, distinctive brand assets, competitive strategy, segmentation, brand audits, brand guidelines, brand identities, taglines, slogans, naming, intra-business branding, and more.

We take an evolved approach to developing brand strategies. Yet, our approach is grounded in the traditional belief that effective brands strategies are an extension of business goals and realities. So we begin work by employing our proprietary planning process: ROSTEM®. This process serves as a step-by-step, logical guide toward making brand-related decisions that have real business impacts. ROSTEM® also functions as a map for both Pop-Dot and our clients, engendering productive conversation, clear communication and meaningful results.

Market Research

Surveys, interviews, focus groups, social listening, non-traditional means of intelligence gathering, and more.

Our approach to marketing and advertising is based on facts. You see, an evidence-based approach takes the guesswork out of foundational planning decisions. It also informs our creative decisions. These fundamental marketing facts come from decades of research in the field of Marketing Science, which tells us what works and what never has. We then combine the evidence from Marketing Science with present-day consumer insights and market research, directly relevant to our client, the offering, and the audience.

Marketing Planning

Integrated marketing plan, marketing strategy, media planning, media buying, strategic mix, tactical mix, econometrics models, company buy-in assistance, campaign measurement, and more.

Armed with facts from decades of research in the field of Marketing Science, as well as data from present-day research, we employ one of two proprietary planning systems. Which of the two proprietary systems we choose is based on the client’s unique situation. Six-Step™ is a proven, straight-forward planning system used for everything from product launches to national campaigns. Brand Stratagem® is an integrated toolbox of evolved methodologies, uniquely capable of producing plans that grow brands—and therefore, businesses.

A selection of Pop-Dot’s recent awards:

2019 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: Packaging Design Campaign
Gold: B-to-B Website
Gold: Email Marketing Campaign
Gold: Online/Interactive Campaign
Gold: Digital Publication
Gold: Logo Design
Silver: Packaging Design Single Unit
Silver: Internet Commercial Campaign
Silver: Online/Interactive Campaign
Silver: Logo Design

2018 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: Digital Publication
Gold: Public Service Print Advertisement
Silver: Integrated Advertising Campaign
Silver: Brochure Campaign
Silver: Email Marketing Campaign
Silver: Public Service Print Campaign
Silver: Internet Television Advertising Campaign

EMBY™ Awards
2014: Best Overall Advertising Campaign
2013: Best Overall Advertising Campaign

2017 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: Integrated Advertising Campaign
Silver: Sales Kit
Silver: Consumer Website
Silver: Email Campaign
Silver: Online/Interactive Campaign
Silver: Digital Publication
Silver: Self-Promotional Video
Silver: Microsite
Silver: Logo Design
Silver: Responsive Website

Pop-Dot’s Creative Director is also highly awarded:

Gold ADDY®: Sales Promotion, Packaging Campaign
Gold ADDY®: Best Overall Website Design
Gold ADDY®: Collateral Material, Poster Campaign
Gold ADDY®: Business/Trade Publication, Less Than 4 Color
Silver ADDY®: Sales Promotion, Single Unit Packaging
National Hardware Show, Best In Show: Retail Packaging
Citation of Excellence: Product Trademark

Gold ADDY®: Advertising Campaign, Less Than 4 Color
Gold ADDY®: Still Photography, Color
Silver ADDY®: Consumer/Trade Ad, Full Page Color
Silver ADDY®: Consumer/Trade Ad, Full Page
National Hardware Show, Gold Award: Retail Packaging
Citation of Excellence: Spread/Multi-Page Ad

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