Nonn’s 2017


Adam Nonn has asked Pop-Dot to provide you with a brief overview of this year’s spring advertising campaign. This, however, is not an easy task. The multi-channel campaign is 5 months in the making, and involved budgeting, media planning, marketing strategy, tactical mix selections, creative concepting, deliverables production, media buying, and finally ad placement. So, by way of introduction, we’ll simply outline a few objectives and strategies of the campaign, and show you examples of the what the public will see.

The overall campaign objective, set by Nonn’s leadership team, was to raise public awareness regarding the specific product categories which Nonn’s sells: Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring and Appliances. This is a departure from the brand-building strategies used in the past, so a distinctive visual style was created for this particular campaign. You’ll see that the visual style runs through all executions, including television, magazine, billboard and digital.

Taking this four-categories approach also allows us to spend flexibly based on the public’s awareness of each category. So for instance, dollars spent to advertise appliances will be greater than dollars spent to advertise flooring.


The tactical mix used in Nonn’s two markets is also custom-designed. Considerations included: media costs in each market, the goals of each market, what’s been successful in each market in the past, etc. And for the second year in a row, spending on marketing activities in the Milwaukee Metro market will surpass spending in the Madison market.

We hope you enjoy the campaign! We believe it will continue to support your efforts to grow your business and the Nonn’s brand.

– The Nonn’s Campaign Team at Pop-Dot

P.S. Not shown below is the ongoing Nonn’s Insiders List campaign. Through email, web and social channels, tens of thousands of people every month (from Downtown Milwaukee all the way to the Iowa border) experience the Nonn’s brand.

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