Compelling. Collaborative. Marketing.

Forget about business and marketing—
just for a second.

Instead, consider how much better off we are when human beings do things together. When we join forces. When we collaborate towards a shared goal. What happens? We get unstuck. We get out of our own ruts. The anxiety falls away and we start having some fun. Right? We grow.

Now that’s success in life! At least, that’s what we believe.

So, when it comes to business and marketing, we apply the same principles. We join forces with our clients. We sit side-by-side with them. We listen. We contribute. We collaborate. And wouldn’t you know it…their marketing and advertising projects (once stuck in the mud) quickly get moving. And moving with excitement!

So, what do you say? Are you ready to propel your marketing—to be excited, delighted, and moving forward? We are too.

Let’s begin.

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When it comes to marketing and advertising, our answer is: “Yes, we do that!”

Being a full-service marketing agency means that we have the experience (and the enthusiasm) necessary to help brands move their local, national, and international projects forward. We have a dedicated team of directors, account leaders, and creatives with expertise in a wide-range of marketing disciplines. But if we had to narrow down what we’re experts at (in other words: how we get results), we’d say: Branding, Marketing Planning, Digital Marketing, Website Design & Development, Traditional Advertising, Packaging Design, and Graphic Design—in no particular order. Whatever the job calls for, we’ll collaborate with you to not only compel your marketing projects forward, but to also compel your brand’s audience into action.

Marketing Planning

Even after branding is squared away, every brand still needs a plan. A little clarity can go a long way—and so can campaign development, media planning, and public relations.


In a world with no shortage of brands, it can be hard to stand out. Hence, the need for professional branding. Think: logo design, positioning, rebranding, who and what your brand stands for, and more.

Digital Marketing

Navigating the digital world is difficult without an experienced guide. And we’re that guide, because search engine marketing, social media management, email marketing, and mobile app design, are just a few things we can do blindfolded.

Website Design & Development

Websites are often the first interaction a customer has with a brand. So, your website design is a what we call “a big deal.” And because we’re not merely a website design company, we understand how to make your website truly work.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional is still the most relevant and powerful mode of marketing to this day. Television advertising, print, radio, and billboard are not dead! And we’re pretty deft at adding it to the marketing mix.

Graphic Design

The basis of all visual communication and the catalyst for powerful emotional reactions. Whether it’s graphic design for digital marketing, traditional advertising, branding, or something in-between, we’re pros at using it to your advantage.

A sampling of our recent awards…

2023 American Advertising Awards:

Nonn’s Insiders List Campaign
Nonn’s Insiders List Online Posts
Nonn’s Insiders List Social Media
Nonn’s Insiders List Emails
Farmer Campaign Landing Page
Farmer Campaign Print Ads
Coho Brand Video
Lean Focus Website
MyFitnessStore.com In-Store Sign
MyFitnessStore.com Retail Signage
MyFitnessStore.com Trade Show Booth


2022 American Advertising Awards:
Integrated Advertising Campaign
Television Advertising Campaign
Digital Publications Campaign
Email Marketing Campaign
B-to-C Website
Social Media Campaign
Email Newsletter
Magazine Print Advertising
B-to-B Website
Online/Interactive Microsite
Branded Video Content
Print Advertising Campaign

2021 American Advertising Awards:

B-to-B Website
Online/Interactive Campaign
Integrated Campaign
Email Marketing Campaign
B-to-C Website

2020 American Advertising Awards:
Email Marketing Campaign
Digital Publication
Online/Interactive Campaign
Social Media Campaign

What People Are Saying About Us

A Few Kind Words

“Pop Dot is always responsive, but in these times they are truly there for us. They were able to quickly adapt to the “new normal” and get the thoughtful messaging out so our clients knew we were essential. I truly feel that they care about our business as if it were their own—and the quality of their work reflects that. You can tell that [the work] is always thought through and that they consider everything you’ve told them. I can’t imagine using any other agency—they just get us and our business.”
Kelly Lehr, Co-Owner, Nonn’s

“Pop-Dot continues to knock it out of the park for our brand. I can certainly see why the agency wins so many effectiveness and creative awards. The depth of thinking and the level of creativity, which Pop-Dot brings to Spectra’s projects, is truly impressive. I trust them completely, knowing that the brand is in very good hands.
Chris Mayhew, Sales & Marketing Executive, Spectra Baby USA

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National & International Brands We've Worked With
National & International Brands We've Worked With - Mobile

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Regional & Local Brands We've Worked With
Regional & Local Brands We've Worked With - Mobile

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Charitable Brands We've Worked With
Charitable Brands We've Worked With - Mobile
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