Global consulting company, Christensen Associates, reveals sensational new branding created by full-service marketing agency, Pop-Dot. Pop-Dot recently crafted a complete brand overhaul which included: branding, a slogan, a new website, collateral, office signage and much more. Christensen Associates is known for solving major, real-world problems not only in the U.S., but across the entire globe.

“Working with Christensen Associates has been a pleasure,” Pop-Dot President, Kate Ewings, said of the process. “We enjoy collaborating with such intelligent companies, especially ones that make such a meaningful worldwide impact.”

Founded in 1976, the Wisconsinbased business exists to help companies globally solve problems related to energy, economic analysis, data acquisition, and more. Currently, their longest clientrelationship is with the USPS. That relationship began when their CEO, Dianne Christensen, and her team were tasked with building capital stock estimates, which evolved into solving a variety of other complex, economic issues for their client.

“At PopDot, we value relationships with clients like Christensen Associates,” continued Ewings, “We look forward to continuing that relationship for years to come.”

Christensen Associates is just one of many of PopDot’s international, bigpicture clients. Some other international clients of the Madisonbased agency are: Glue Dots International, Lean Focus, Coho, Superior Die Set Corporation, and more.

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