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We have used Pop-Dot for several years now, and they have been instrumental in our growth story at Lean Focus.  Their team understands our methodologies and language.
They would make a perfect fit for any brand seeking rebranding, a website overhaul, online stores, digital marketing strategy, in-store displays, collateral, etc. and they have some great ideas on approach and methodology. 

Damon Baker
CEO & President
Lean Focus

Damon Baker Testimonial - Pop-Dot Client
Pop-Dot Marketing Agency Testimonial - Heidi Seffrood

This brand work is the most exciting thing that has happened to Ginny’s in over 10 years.

We now have a common language amongst our team that helps us stay true to our brand and manage it effectively.

Heidi Seffrood
Marketing Director

I trust Pop-Dot. It’s as simple as that.

They’ve earned my trust by listening to me, my staff, my clients, and potential clients. They understand my business, and they understand it in a way that traditional marketing firms can’t.

They’re strategic in their approach, they operate from real insights, and they propose tactics that are innovative.

If you’re looking for an agency that truly “gets” both business and branding, I’d highly recommend Pop-Dot.

Paul Hager
CEO & President
Information Technology Professionals

Paul Hager - Marketing Agency Testimonial
Chris Mayhew - Pop-Dot Marketing Agency Testimonial

Pop-Dot continues to knock it out of the park for our brand. I can certainly see why the agency wins so many effectiveness and creative awards. The depth of thinking and the level of creativity, which Pop-Dot brings to Spectra’s projects, is truly impressive. I trust them completely, knowing that the brand is in very good hands.

Chris Mayhew
Sales & Marketing Executive
Spectra Baby USA

Pop-Dot has done a phenomenal job for our firm. We utilize them as our outsourced ‘marketing department’ if you will. Between the full-integrated marketing plan they do with us annually, their digital marketing guidance, the website, the service–I could go on and on–they’ve been a great asset. Partnering with them has led to a rebirth of our brand and business in a variety of ways.

On top of it, the extra burden of working with our compliance department was also navigated by Pop-Dot effectively. My industry is HEAVILY regulated, and setting up even the simplest thing can take weeks of work. Pop-Dot did a great job, and continue to do so, taking that into consideration with their lead times, changes, design, and plans. That is something you cannot quantify, but to me has always shown and reinforced that their level of service and work is top notch.

I would highly recommend their team and their services.

Matt Cuplin, Partner
Midwest Financial Group

Matt Cuplin, Partner, Midwest Financial Group
Sean Boyce - Marketing Agency Testimonial

I value and trust the ideas and advice I receive from Pop-Dot.

They are so much more than just a marketing or advertising agency. They understand the elements of a business engine, are fluent in several schools of business and brand strategy, and propose ways of thinking that are truly innovative.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Pop-Dot to any business who wants to take their game to the next level.

Sean Boyce
Vice President of Marketing
Avid Ratings

We at BRAVA Magazine are delighted that we chose Pop-Dot to help us rebrand the Madison Women’s Expo. We needed a fresh image for our annual event that would ring true to the magazine’s brand, further appealing to our desired demographic of women with style and substance.

Pop-Dot’s task was to create a new logo, graphics, collateral and advertising that would reposition the event in the minds of Madison women and local businesses.

The results were extraordinary! Exhibitor space was completely sold out, and on the first day of the Expo, the line of cars waiting to park at the event’s venue stretched down the street (in fact, overflow parking had to be quickly made available). The event drew a wider range of women than it had in previous years, and the advertising had encouraged exhibitors to make their booths more lively and interactive to match the new atmosphere at the Expo.

I would, without a doubt, recommend Pop-Dot for their vision, skill and professionalism in marketing and advertising.

Stephanie Sabo
Director of Marketing & Events
BRAVA Magazine

Stephanie Sabo, Director of Marketing and Events at BRAVA Magazine
Sarah Manternach, Terrace Custom Builders

When we decided the time had come to re-evaluate our company’s image and messaging, we selected Pop-Dot. We were impressed by their expertise in branding and how well they translated their clients’ essence into visual design and verbal/written messages. Also, our target customers are female and Pop-Dot has a well-known reputation for being able to communicate to women.

In working with Pop-Dot, we discovered one of the reasons behind their success. They get to know YOU as a client, they research YOUR industry, YOUR competition and YOUR customers. They really care. Another secret I discovered was that they pay attention to the emotional side of things, just as much as the rational.

I would certainly recommend Pop-Dot to any organization looking to take their enterprise to the next level. What you get in return is worth every penny you‘ll pay for their services.

Sarah Manternach
Terrace Custom Builders

I Have A “Crush” With Pop-Dot

When I was looking to rebrand my local business I went to a few different branding and design companies in Madison WI. After my first meeting with Jason and Kate, I was blown away by their care for me and their research they had done on my company and brand. When I left that meeting, I had already decided that I would do what it took to work with them and hoped their budget fit mine. I was pleasantly surprised when it did. Pop-Dot was there every step of the way and were extremely hands on with me.

There were some glitches with my hosting company (not their fault) and they spent an entire overnight and weekend working with the hosting company to make sure that the site was up and running by the day that we had decided upon. I can’t recommend Pop-Dot enough and hope to be able to give them many referrals in the future.

Dustin Maher
Fit Moms For Life

Dustin Maher, President of Fit Moms for Life
Kelly Lehr, Co-Owner of Nonn's Design Showplace

As Nonn’s approached its 30th anniversary, we knew the time had come to rethink the company’s marketing and advertising approach. We are an organization with a large advertising budget, so we had the means to consider several top advertising agencies. In the end, we chose Pop-Dot – and are we ever glad that we did!

Pop-Dot not only rethought our marketing approach, they transformed the Nonn’s image completely. The first indication of success came with all the compliments I received from family and friends. Next came the buzz in the Madison and Milwaukee communities. Not long after that came enormous year-over-year revenue increases. The awards we received for our advertising campaigns, and the huge gains in Top of Mind Awareness studies, were just cherries on top.

I would highly recommend Pop-Dot to any company seeking visionary (yet amazingly personalized) marketing direction for their brand.

Kelly Lehr, Co-Owner

For years, we struggled to figure out our advertising. We didn’t know the best approach, and so we would spend money on efforts that didn’t prove to have a return on investment. Finally we realized we needed a professional plan, and that we needed a good marketing firm to partner with us in our efforts.

When we found Pop-Dot, we were intrigued. First of all, we loved the idea of working with a Madison based company. Secondly, they were very responsive to our initial inquiry. At our first consultation, they listened and learned about Zander’s Interiors and our needs. After some strategizing, they proposed a rebranding package, which ranged from a new website to a full marketing plan. They suggested that we begin our rebranding efforts online, with a focus on a new brand image and messaging on the website.

Their process included researching all of our competition, as well as understanding our target client, and then strategically forming our brand message based on what we uniquely offer in our industry and in the area.

I am so happy to share that they completely redesigned our website to reflect that appropriate messaging, making sure that the copy and the visuals were all perfectly in-line for attracting our ideal client. The response from current client’s and, more importantly, new clients has been fabulous!

Thank you to Pop-Dot for making Zander’s Interiors the ‘go-to’ design studio in the region!

Roxanne Gardner
Office Manager
Zander’s Interiors

Roxanne Gardner, Zander's Interiors
Todd Maughan, Photographer

As a commercial and editorial photographer in an increasingly visual culture, it’s critical for my brand to match the creative style of my photographs. It’s equally critical that my brand and images are top of mind for the creative directors, art buyers, and producers that I work with.

Pop-Dot created a visual identity through logo design, font selection, and copy that blends seamlessly with the creative direction of my photographs and covers all of my marketing channels; print, web, social media, and in-person-networking.

Pop-Dot’s creation and management of my targeted social media campaign covers all of my important channels with relevant content, combined with an informed approach to measuring engagement and reach.

I would certainly endorse Pop-Dot for branding, design and marketing campaigns.

Todd Maughan
Founder of Ink Photographic

I love the creative work Pop-Dot has done for the Madison Reading Project. The heart in the new logo really excites me. Our Salvation Army K-5 program is about finding a love for helping others, learning about different cultures, and best of all a love for reading.

Believe it or not, plans for the number of prison cells to build in the future are being projected based on the reading levels of our 3rd and 4th grade students. The Madison Reading Project is breaking down those walls!

Thanks to everyone at Pop-Dot who continue to support this program. Our kids are excited about all of the new opportunities and experiences in the program. And once again, thanks for all of the creative work!

Will Green
Darbo Community Center Director
The Salvation Army

Will Green of The Salvation Army, Darbo Community Center Director
Leia Schneeberger of Mid-West Family Marketing

Jason Fish from Pop-Dot is truly brilliant. I have had the pleasure of working with him on several advertising campaigns and it has been a wonderful experience.

Jason is the most talented and gifted marketing professional I have met. He is the triple threat, he creates brilliant creative campaigns for his clients, he is a master negotiator and he cares.

I’ve worked with many agencies on their media buys and I have yet to see anyone come up with stronger campaigns that generate the type of results he is able to get for his clients. If I was a business owner, he would be the first and last person I would hire to manage my marketing dollars.

Leia Schneeberger
Senior Account Manager
Mid-West Family Broadcasting

We contacted Pop-Dot about a large-scale catalog project. It was a project we had never attempted before, but Pop-Dot met with us right away and we felt very comfortable with them and their approach to design. Pop-Dot took the time to understand us as a company and understand our customers, and the design was appropriately inspired from there.

In the end, they offered us three impressive options, each with unique characteristics and an explanation behind the strategy and benefits to each direction. We ended up going with a design that drew attention to our history as a company and to our years of service and dependability in the construction field. The design felt cohesive to the overall Badger brand and everyone agreed it had great strengths.

It was important that the catalog be eye-catching and extremely organized, and the final product was both. It stands out from the competition’s as something unique and our customers in the field relate to its character in a memorable way. That is why we are looking forward to working with them again on a similar project in the very near future.

Chris Mueller
Badger Contractors Rental & Supply

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