Following a comprehensive review of several top-tier firms, Glue Dots International has named Pop-Dot the Agency of Record for its consumer line of innovative adhesive products. Glue Dots International will join a roster of clientele at Pop-Dot which includes a host of large, multi-brand organizations, such as Johnsonville, Colony Brands, Grande Cheese Company, among others.

“We’re fortunate to have so many innovative brands on our roster of clients,” said Pop-Dot’s President, Jason Fish. “And Glue Dots International is another example of a bona fide innovator that we’re thrilled to work with.”

The company revolutionized the adhesives industry in 1997 when it introduced its pioneering line of instant bonding adhesive products, marketed under the Glue Dots® brand name. Although the products were initially offered to the industrial sector, it wasn’t long before the product line expanded into the wider commercial sector–and eventually to the consumer marketplace.

“Innovators have a way of spotting other innovators,” replied Mr. Fish, when pressed for the reason behind the make-up of Pop-Dot’s client roster. “I think that our innovative methodologies for brand strategy, marketing and advertising appeal to clients that are forward-thinkers.”

Glue Dots International maintains facilities in the U.S., the U.K., and Asia, and is headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ellsworth Adhesives–a global distributor with 36 offices in 16 countries.

(Article posted with permission of original author)

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