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When we first decided to start a marketing agency, we knew a few things for sure.

We didn’t know we were going to call ourselves Pop-Dot—and we certainly didn’t know the color orange would play such an important role. But we knew exactly the type of marketing agency we wanted to be. And we knew exactly what we wanted that marketing agency to do.

Nimbleness Matters

We wanted a marketing agency that was nimble, that could keep up with the fast pace of our marketplace and culture. One that was capable of making adjustments on the fly, and could get our clients what they wanted, when they wanted it. So, we assembled a team of fantastic listeners, quick thinkers, and experienced creators—and built a process to match. A process that’s flexible; that’s quick; that our clients can actually contribute to; and that’s fun.

Capabilities Are Key

We wanted a marketing agency that was full-service—with advertising and branding chops—that not only had the experience necessary to bring on big brands, but had the enthusiasm it takes to enjoy helping smaller companies and non-profits, too. So, we cultivated a group of friendly marketing professionals, passionate digital experts, veteran designers, branding buffs, and young creative talent—everything you need to be full-service, and fully accessible.

Happiness Is Everything

Really though, we wanted a marketing agency that was committed to making our clients happy. So, we shaped our culture—and our candor—around that idea. We structured our meetings, check-ins and presentations to be more personal. We focused more on our relationships: responding to calls and emails promptly, taking the time to listen, really listen, to our partners, and genuinely caring about their opinions. And once we were doing it, really doing it, some pretty incredible things started happening.

We’re Pop-Dot, your friendly full-service agency of nimble marketing professionals, digital dream teams, and all-around doers of incredible things. Welcome!

A Few Awards We’ve Picked Up Along the Way

2021 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: B-to-B Website
Silver: Online/Interactive Campaign
Sliver: Integrated Campaign
Bronze: Email Marketing Campaign
Bronze: B-to-C Website


2020 American Advertising Awards:

Silver: Email Marketing Campaign
Silver: Digital Publication
Bronze: Online/Interactive Campaign
Bronze: Social Media Campaign

EMBY™ Awards
2014: Best Overall Advertising Campaign
2013: Best Overall Advertising Campaign

2019 American Advertising Awards:

Gold: Packaging Design Campaign
Gold: B-to-B Website
Gold: Email Marketing Campaign
Gold: Online/Interactive Campaign
Gold: Digital Publication
Gold: Logo Design
Silver: Packaging Design Single Unit
Silver: Internet Commercial Campaign
Silver: Online/Interactive Campaign
Silver: Logo Design

Brands & Organizations We’ve Partnered With

Individually and as a team, we’ve partnered with some pretty amazing brands.

National and International Brands

National & International Brands We've Worked With
National & International Brands We've Worked With - Mobile

Regional and Local Brands

Regional & Local Brands We've Worked With
Regional & Local Brands We've Worked With - Mobile

Charitable Brands

Charitable Brands We've Worked With
Charitable Brands We've Worked With - Mobile

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