Every brand needs a plan. You may have a vision for what you want your brand to do, but when it comes down to the how to do it, things can start to get cloudy. At Pop-Dot, we craft marketing plans that are focused, that provide a sense of clarity, that take the guesswork out of your work. You’ll love it when your marketing plan comes together.

Marketing Plan Development

To know where to go, you need to know where you come from. Sometimes, hearing that story secondhand works, other times, we want to experience it ourselves: we’ll spend time on the ground, in your environment, talking to you, connecting with your employees and customers, absorbing everything we can. But, however we hear your brand’s story, it’s those insights that enable us to craft a carefully considered plan, one that learns from past mistakes and builds off of your successes. 

Media Planning & Buying

Here’s where it starts to get granular. Organizing the media plan takes an extremely high attention to detail, some financial finesse, and a full rolodex. Our specialists work tirelessly—building the schedule, negotiating with reps—to get the most media for your money.

Budget Allocations
While we always want to give you the world, the world doesn’t always fit in the budget. Luckily, a lower budget doesn’t always mean lower impact. With advancements in digital and programmatic media buying, your dollar reaches further than ever before—so we can get you more of the world than ever before.

Implementation Planning

Now we’re down to the nitty gritty:
Planning the posts, scheduling the spots, and making sure everything plays well together. We choose the right time to move your target in the head, and the right time to move them in the heart, so your brand can move forward.

Public Relations

Publicity that’s earned, not paid for, is the most valuable media out there—it’s as close to free as it gets.
To earn that kind of media, it takes connections with local, regional, and national influencers of culture that are willing to spread your brands message to your target. Messages embedded within their daily media diet, that they consume gladly. Now that’s valuable.

Campaign Development

Digital to traditional, every campaign we create works with and for your greater marketing plan. Whether it’s promoting the launch of a new product, an upcoming event, a new brand identity, or something you’re just really excited about, the campaign is where it comes to life.

Campaign Concept
This is where we create the central theme that brings it all together. By combining the knowledge gained from you and your target with our marketing agency know-how, we’re able to make comprehensive campaigns that really resonate—really.

Graphic Design
Whether your campaign calls for print, billboard, TV, or all three, it needs a consistent look and feel. Luckily, since we’re full-service (and full-time), all of the deliverables you need can be created in one place, with one cohesive campaign identity. An identity with some serious personality.

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