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Chris Mueller

Badger Contractors Rental & Supply

We contacted Pop-Dot about a large-scale catalog project. It was a project we had never attempted before, but Pop-Dot met with us right away and we felt very comfortable with them and their approach to design. Pop-Dot took the time to understand us as a company and understand our customers, and the design was appropriately inspired from there.

In the end, they offered us three impressive options, each with unique characteristics and an explanation behind the strategy and benefits to each direction. We ended up going with a design that drew attention to our history as a company and to our years of service and dependability in the construction field. The design felt cohesive to the overall Badger brand and everyone agreed it had great strengths.

It was important that the catalog be eye-catching and extremely organized, and the final product was both. It stands out from the competition’s as something unique and our customers in the field relate to its character in a memorable way. That is why we are looking forward to working with them again on a similar project in the very near future.

Chris Mueller
Badger Contractors Rental & Supply

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