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Kelly Lehr

Nonn's Design Showplace
Kelly Lehr, Co-Owner of Nonn's Design Showplace

As Nonn’s approached its 30th anniversary, we knew the time had come to rethink the company’s marketing and advertising approach. We are an organization with a large advertising budget, so we had the means to consider several top advertising agencies. In the end, we chose Pop-Dot Marketing – and are we ever glad that we did!

Pop-Dot not only rethought our marketing approach, they transformed the Nonn’s Design Showplace image completely. The first indication of success came with all the compliments I received from family and friends. Next came the buzz in the Madison and Milwaukee communities. Not long after that came enormous year-over-year revenue increases. The awards we received for our advertising campaigns, and the huge gains in Top of Mind Awareness studies, were just cherries on top.

I would highly recommend Pop-Dot to any company seeking visionary (yet amazingly personalized) marketing direction for their brand.

Kelly Lehr
Nonn’s Design Showplace

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