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Sarah Manternach

Terrace Custom Builders
Sarah Manternach, Terrace Custom Builders

When we decided the time had come to re-evaluate our company’s image and messaging, we selected Pop-Dot Marketing. We were impressed by their expertise in branding and how well they translated their clients’ essence into visual design and verbal/written messages. Also, our target customers are female and Pop-Dot has a well-known reputation for being able to communicate to women.

In working with Pop-Dot, we discovered one of the reasons behind their success. They get to know YOU as a client, they research YOUR industry, YOUR competition and YOUR customers. They really care. Another secret I discovered was that they pay attention to the emotional side of things, just as much as the rational.

I would certainly recommend Pop-Dot Marketing to any organization looking to take their enterprise to the next level. What you get in return is worth every penney you‘ll pay for their services.

Sarah Manternach
Terrace Custom Builders

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