After 4 years of partnership, Prairie Estates Genetics (PEG) calls on Pop-Dot as their agency of record again, this time for an edgy new campaign. In the past years, the full-service marketing agency has completely overhauled PEG’s brand messaging strategy and crafted their iconic, annual summer campaigns, resulting in the expansion of the forage company across large swaths of the continental United States. This year’s campaign however, is completely revolutionizing campaigns in this industry.

“Collaborating with Pop-Dot for our annual campaigns has been a wonderful process,” said PEG CEO, Nicole Rogers. “This year we’re excited to do something different; never before done in this industry.”

Prairie Estates Genetics, established in 1999, is a country-wide forage company based out of Madison, WI. Because of their success with Pop-Dot, they have been able to expand their business from the state of Wisconsin, to the entire nation. They’ve been recognized with multiple American Advertising Awards for their website revamp and annual summer campaigns which included social media, email, website, print ads, radio, and more.

“Each year, we team up with Prairie Estates Genetics to see what they have in mind and how we can strategically execute on it,” said Pop-Dot President, Kate Ewings. “It’s a creative process and we appreciate PEG’s trust in us and our guidance.”

Prairie Estates Genetics remains a part of Pop–Dot’s long list of large national and international companies that have worked with the Madison–based agency. Several of the major Wisconsin corporations include: Johnsonville, Glue Dots International, Grande Cheese Company, Nonn’s, and many more.

Article posted with permission of original author.

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