In a statement released today, Madison-based Pop-Dot indicated that it’s reached a partnership agreement with Purple Cow Organics to provide marketing, public relations and advertising services.

“Purple Cow has a tremendous amount of brand equity,” said Kate Ewings, Pop-Dot’s Chief Brand Strategist.  “Their consumer base is passionate about what they offer and what the brand stands for.  That’s a great foundation for us to build on.”

According to company president, James “Sandy” Syburg, Purple Cow Organics believes that “there’s a direct relationship between what we do to our soils and our overall quality of life.  We have an impact on our environment, and we have the capacity to enhance our soils with high quality organic inputs.”

Purple Cow Organics’ offerings include premium organic compost designed for farmers and groundskeepers, as well as popular retail-consumer products such as Potting Mix and Tomato Gro.  The Wisconsin-based company boasts several facilities across the state, with a heavy consumer footprint in the Upper Midwest.

Pop-Dot is slated to begin the partnership with a full review of the company’s operations, followed by an in-depth marketing plan and brand strategy that’s scheduled for execution in early 2015.

More about Purple Cow Organics can be found at

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