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Roxanne Gardner

Zander's Interiors
Roxanne Gardner, Zander's Interiors

For years, we struggled to figure out our advertising. We didn’t know the best approach, and so we would spend money on efforts that didn’t prove to have a return on investment. Finally we realized we needed a professional plan, and that we needed a good marketing firm to partner with us in our efforts.

When we found Pop-Dot, we were intrigued. First of all, we loved the idea of working with a Madison based company. Secondly, they were very responsive to our initial inquiry. At our first consultation, they listened and learned about Zander’s Interiors and our needs. After some strategizing, they proposed a rebranding package, which ranged from a new website to a full marketing plan. They suggested that we begin our rebranding efforts online, with a focus on a new brand image and messaging on the website.

Their process included researching all of our competition, as well as understanding our target client, and then strategically forming our brand message based on what we uniquely offer in our industry and in the area.

I am so happy to share that they completely redesigned our website to reflect that appropriate messaging, making sure that the copy and the visuals were all perfectly in-line for attracting our ideal client. The response from current client’s and, more importantly, new clients has been fabulous!

We now work with Pop-Dot on an ongoing basis; they continue to manage and update our site, they work weekly on keeping our social media active and engaging, they coordinate and direct our photo shoots, and they are always willing to take time when we need advertising guidance. They create on-brand brochures, print ads, and other marketing tools as we need, and offer their PR expertise on the occasions we require it. It is a partnership that we value, and we have seen measureable growth since that partnership began.

Thank you to Pop-Dot for making Zander’s Interiors the ‘go-to’ design studio in the region!

Roxanne Gardner
Office Manager
Zander’s Interiors

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