We’re Pop-Dot—a brand strategy and innovation agency dedicated to building businesses by growing brands.

So as it turns out, Napoleon wasn’t short…for his time.
The Vikings never wore helmets with horns…ever.
And bulls don’t hate the color red…they’re actually color blind.

There are a lot of things we used to believe that simply are not true.
We know they’re not true because we have evidence that proves otherwise.

And the things we believe about marketing and branding…they’re no different.
A good portion of what marketing and branding consultants say is true, simply is not.
We know it’s not true because we have evidence that proves otherwise.

We are Pop-Dot.
We grow brands.
And we do it by combining marketing science
with heady doses of creativity.

Welcome to Pop-Dot.

A small sample of work from our award-winning marketing and advertising portfolio…

Marketing Science

How We Grow Brands

Heady Doses of Creativity
Pop-Dot builds businesses by growing brands—first-and-foremost—by expanding Brand Presence.

For a brand, the quantity and quality of its Brand Presence directly impacts its growth—because products and services with more Brand Presence are far more likely to be present in the minds of consumers (and presently available for them to choose) when buying situations arise.

As a consequence, a wider variety of consumers choose the brand. Market penetration is increased and its market share rises. And with greater market share come the spoils: increased revenue, higher rates of purchase loyalty, greater likeability scores, and a larger profit potential…

Pop-Dot has an award-winning portfolio, including:

2016 Gold ADDY®: Collateral Material / Brochure
2016 Silver ADDY®: Integrated Advertising Campaign
2014 EMBY™ Awards: Best Overall Advertising Campaign

2016 Silver ADDY®: Best Consumer Website
2016 Silver ADDY®: Logo Design
2013 EMBY™ Awards: Best Overall Advertising Campaign

Pop-Dot’s Creative Director is also highly awarded:

Gold ADDY®: Sales Promotion, Packaging Campaign
Gold ADDY®: Best Overall Website Design
Gold ADDY®: Collateral Material, Poster Campaign
Gold ADDY®: Business/Trade Publication, Less Than 4 Color
Silver ADDY®: Sales Promotion, Single Unit Packaging
National Hardware Show, Best In Show: Retail Packaging
Citation of Excellence: Product Trademark

Gold ADDY®: Advertising Campaign, Less Than 4 Color
Gold ADDY®: Still Photography, Color
Silver ADDY®: Consumer/Trade Ad, Full Page Color
Silver ADDY®: Consumer/Trade Ad, Full Page
National Hardware Show, Gold Award: Retail Packaging
Citation of Excellence: Spread/Multi-Page Ad

Thinkers + Creators

What We're Expert At

Pop-Dot is a Brand Strategy & Innovation Agency

Thinkers & Creators


Actionable insights lead to powerful strategies that lay the foundation for brand growth… (read more)


Brand assets transcend monetary value when they become distinctive symbols of trust… (read more)


Game-changing strategies will increase penetration, market share, revenue—and brand equity… (read more)


Amplifying both your emotional story and the rational benefit ensures that you’re heard both far and wide… (read more)


An accurate, detailed map and a strategic battle plan will win the day (and many hearts along the way)… (read more)


The journey through today’s digital marketing landscape is more profitable with an expert guide… (read more)


The most effective plans today include the most evolved approaches to marketing today… (read more)


The right product, at the right time, in the right package, is the foundation of store-shelf success… (read more)

Client Testimonial

What They Say About Us

Paul Hager
“I trust Pop-Dot. It’s as simple as that.

They’ve earned my trust by listening to me, my staff, my clients, and potential clients. They understand my business, and they understand it in a way that traditional marketing firms can’t. They’re strategic in their approach, they operate from real insights, and they propose tactics that are innovative.

If you’re looking for an agency that truly ‘gets’ both business and branding, I’d highly recommend Pop-Dot.”

– Paul Hager, President of Information Technology Professionals

Brands & Organizations We’ve Worked With

Individually and as a team, we’ve worked in a marketing, advertising or public relations capacity with several high-profile brands, companies and organizations.

National and International Brands


AAA: American Automobile Association

Avid Ratings: Middleton, WI

Beaulieu America

Catalent, Madison



GE Healthcare



Miller Brewing Company

NCI National Construction, Inc.

Renaissance Learning


Yelp Madison

Regional and Local Brands

Anchor Bank

BRAVA Magazine: Verona, WI

Brio Design Homes

DreamBank: American Family Insurance in Madison, WI

Elderspan Management, LLC

Fit Moms Transformation Center: Madison, WI

Flea's Floor Market

Garden of Flavor


IDM Hospitality Management

Information Technology Professionals: Milwaukee, Fox Valley and Madison, WI

JG Development

Madison & Rayne

Madison Women's Expo Logo - Brand Identity

Midwest Financial Group

First National Bank

NCI-Roberts Construction, Inc.

Nonn's | Kitchen, Bath & Flooring

Purple Cow Organics

Storybook Ballet: Madison, WI

True Studio

Vive Home Transformations

Wisconsin Builders Association

The Wise Restaurant & Bar

Zerorez Madison

Charitable Brands

Africa Bridge: Portland, OR and Tanzania, Africa

Catholic Charities Madison

Wisconsin Children's Trust Fund

Madison Community Discourse

Madison Reading Project

Ronald McDonald House Charities: Madison Chapter

The Salvation Army of Dane County


Smart Start Lab

Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia

Let's Do This.