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After nearly three decades in business, Nonn’s had bravely endured “The Great Recession” which had been ushered in by a full-scale, housing-market collapse.  As one of the nation’s largest home improvement retailers, Nonn’s felt the full effects of these troublesome economic times.

In 2009, retail traffic dried up, as consumers grew instantly cautious.  Commercial sales declined, as commercial building ground to a halt. And painful layoffs (by the dozens) ensued, as the company fought to keep its footing—even as many of Nonn’s competitors went bankrupt.

When the market began showing signs of a bottom in 2013, Nonn’s President, Adam Nonn, hired Pop-Dot to help in the rebuilding effort.

Simply put, Pop-Dot was tasked with helping this 30-year-old company to grow its business, with the goal of returning the brand to pre-crash revenue and employment levels.


Pop-Dot began its partnership with Nonn’s by deeply immersing itself in the business. We interviewed past customers, current customers and potential customers—as well as the staff.  We analyzed their competition, noting their strengths, weaknesses, messaging and positioning.  We looked at the industry itself, noting the trends, as well as Nonn’s market share and market penetration. We examined Nonn’s business model, its financials, its product/service portfolio and the sales figures themselves. We dug and we dug.

In the end, Pop-Dot had a three-dimensional map of the territory in which Nonn’s does business. And from that, we drew our insights. With those insights, we were able to confidently propose an array of strategies and tactics designed to achieve Nonn’s goals.

Within months, nearly every element of the Nonn’s brand would be reimagined, tweaked, overturned and/or newly-created. Pop-Dot recommended merchandising, sales, and operational tactics which Nonn’s incrementally implemented. Horizontal and vertical growth strategies were defined and set into motion. All of this leading to Nonn’s first-ever advertising campaign.

This inaugural campaign featured both brand-advertising and activation elements. For the year-long effort, Pop-Dot created television, radio, print, outdoor, and online campaigns. To support sponsorship efforts, Pop-Dot designed booths, postcards, bookmarks, and dozens of other supporting elements. In-showroom and celebrity-designer events were coordinated and executed, media-remote promotions planned and aired, charity programs designed and publicized.


After the first year of a 3-year marketing and advertising plan, the campaign was showing better-than-expected marketing results and business effects. Awareness, intention-to-buy, market penetration, market share, revenue and more were up—ahead of the expected curve.

The advertising campaign itself received attention, winning an Emby™ for “Best Overall Advertising Campaign.”

With these encouraging signs, Nonn’s decided to not only move forward with Pop-Dot’s 3-year plan, but also to increase their investment in their marketing and advertising efforts. So, Pop-Dot went back to work on creative deliverables, designed for a full range of traditional advertising and digital marketing mediums. In addition, we spearheaded several in-showroom projects designed to elevate the experience for Nonn’s customers.

Following a second year-long campaign—a year filled with record-breaking month-over-month and year-over-year sales, and the integration of a new product category (appliances)—Nonn’s had achieved a full comeback. Revenue had nearly doubled since the beginning of Pop-Dot’s partnership with Nonn’s, as had the number of Nonn’s staff. And for the second year in a row, Pop-Dot’s work was awarded an Emby™ for “Best Overall Advertising Campaign.”

Before the start of third campaign year, Nonn’s asked Pop-Dot to redesign their brand identity, as a symbol of the company’s rebirth. To this, Pop-Dot added a new slogan. We also suggested and implemented additional digital-marketing tactics to keep pace with marketing technology, which we added to the traditional advertising mix.

As the third campaign-year came to a close, both agency and client could stand proud of what had been achieved. Nonn’s not only met the goal of regaining their pre-crash form, they now boast annual revenues larger than any in the company’s history—and employ more people than ever before.

Today, Pop-Dot is honored to continue to serve as Nonn’s Agency of Record, leading their marketing efforts, guiding their strategies, and still creating award-winning advertising.

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