Traditional Advertising & PR

Television ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, billboard advertising, direct mail, copywriting, slogans, taglines, product placement, media buying, press releases, promotional products, recruitment advertising, and more.

Our award-winning advertising portfolio is known as much for its effectiveness, as it is for its creativity. That’s because we understand how and when to use advertising. We understand when ads should trigger action, and when they should trigger an emotion. And we understand how to create advertising campaigns which achieve an optimal mix of sales activation and branding elements.

However, we also know when not to use advertising—when public relations would be a more effective means of achieving our clients’ goals.

Branding & Graphic Design

Logo design, branding, brochures, printed collateral, business cards and letterhead, signs, posters, building signage, banners, posters, and much more.

Collectively, we’ve completed thousands of branding assignments. We’ve created logo designs for international companies, national brands, local businesses, and non-profit organizations. Yet, we’re not just a graphic design firm. We’re an agency of marketing experts. So logo designs that come from Pop-Dot are rooted in objectives and meaning which go far deeper than merely the surface look. These are logo designs that stand the test of time. They fit with all of the brand’s visual assets. And they stand up in a variety of mediums: from business cards to billboards. As for other graphic design projects—we do it all!


Packaging Design & Retail Support

Retail packaging design, e-commerce packaging design, unboxing experience, point-of-sale (POS) displays and materials, pitch material for distributors/retailers, in-house product photography, retail environment design, in-store signage, tradeshow displays, and more.

The most effective packaging designs are those that keep the consumer’s point-of-view in mind. To that end, our first task is to understand the consumer who will be evaluating the packaging. Then, we carefully study the retail environment where they’ll encounter it, and conduct a competitive analysis to determine how the competition is connecting with the consumer.

With thousands of packaging design projects to our credit, we’re clear about what works, and why it works. We’re experts at balancing beauty-of-design with delivery of information. And we help our client support the product in-store, with point-of-sale (POS) materials and retail environment designs.

A selection of Pop-Dot’s recent awards:

2019 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: Packaging Design Campaign
Gold: B-to-B Website
Gold: Email Marketing Campaign
Gold: Online/Interactive Campaign
Gold: Digital Publication
Gold: Logo Design
Silver: Packaging Design Single Unit
Silver: Internet Commercial Campaign
Silver: Online/Interactive Campaign
Silver: Logo Design

2018 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: Digital Publication
Gold: Public Service Print Advertisement
Silver: Integrated Advertising Campaign
Silver: Brochure Campaign
Silver: Email Marketing Campaign
Silver: Public Service Print Campaign
Silver: Internet Television Advertising Campaign

EMBY™ Awards
2014: Best Overall Advertising Campaign
2013: Best Overall Advertising Campaign

2017 American Advertising Awards:
Gold: Integrated Advertising Campaign
Silver: Sales Kit
Silver: Consumer Website
Silver: Email Campaign
Silver: Online/Interactive Campaign
Silver: Digital Publication
Silver: Self-Promotional Video
Silver: Microsite
Silver: Logo Design
Silver: Responsive Website

Pop-Dot’s Creative Director is also highly awarded:

Gold ADDY®: Sales Promotion, Packaging Campaign
Gold ADDY®: Best Overall Website Design
Gold ADDY®: Collateral Material, Poster Campaign
Gold ADDY®: Business/Trade Publication, Less Than 4 Color
Silver ADDY®: Sales Promotion, Single Unit Packaging
National Hardware Show, Best In Show: Retail Packaging
Citation of Excellence: Product Trademark

Gold ADDY®: Advertising Campaign, Less Than 4 Color
Gold ADDY®: Still Photography, Color
Silver ADDY®: Consumer/Trade Ad, Full Page Color
Silver ADDY®: Consumer/Trade Ad, Full Page
National Hardware Show, Gold Award: Retail Packaging
Citation of Excellence: Spread/Multi-Page Ad

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