Nonn’s 2018


Most campaigns for brands like Nonn’s focus on the end result, with ads featuring beautiful kitchens and bathrooms in mansions. There is a place for inspirational content like this. But what potential customers care about just as much is the experience they will have in the process.

In past years, Nonn’s campaigns focused on the experience in messaging. This year, we’re bringing that messaging back, and going one step further. We’re moving the cameras into the showroom, and focusing on all of the reasons why their experience with Nonn’s will be better than shopping in a big box store, or online. And this experience is the reason why people who should know—professional builders and remodelers—choose Nonn’s.

As you’ll see in the first television spot, a style has been created for Nonn’s that is unique from all of the brand’s competition. The camera work is “mockumentary style” a la The Office or Parks and Recreation. The style lends an authenticity to the commercials, and an “in the wild feel.” You’ll also notice that the narrator is describing this “in the wild” action as if it’s happening for the first time. The narrator is actually figuring out what’s going on, along with the viewer. This creative twist adds a freshness to the messaging, and gives us the ability to add a lot of humor to the advertising.

This experience-focus in Nonn’s advertising pairs purposefully with the NExT Steps program that was announced at the “Magic of the Holidays” event in December. In particular, it relates to the Awareness and Evolving Associations steps of the customer journey. (More on the NExT Steps program will come in the months that follow).

This spot, and others currently in production, are scheduled to air on broadcast and streaming television throughout Southern Wisconsin, and will also run as YouTube pre-rolls in a robust effort in both the Madison market, and especially, the Milwaukee market.

Nonn’s advertising campaigns have been highly awarded over the years. Last year, Nonn’s won Gold in the category of Integrated Advertising Campaign at the American Advertising Awards. That was only one of many American Advertising Awards bestowed on Nonn’s. And this year, Pop-Dot believes that Nonn’s has another multi-award-winning campaign on-deck.