Pop-Dot today announced a creative partnership with WI-based tech-startup, Gigi. Gigi, whose flagship consumer product is a Bluetooth reminder device, has its sights set on the health-tech industry, aiming to produce custom health-centered versions of its device for hospitals.

“Working with innovative companies like Gigi is what we live for,” said Kate Ewings, the Director of Brand Development and a partner at Pop-Dot. “Not only is their product unique in its category, it has the potential to positively impact countless lives. That’s something everyone can get excited about, regardless of industry.”

Although many details surrounding the product launch remain under wraps, it’s known that Pop-Dot aims to introduce Gigi’s new device into the healthcare space through product partnerships with local and national providers. The device would serve a number of important health-related functions, from supporting current health initiatives to supplementing individual care plans.

The creative partnership comes shortly after the announcement that WI-based Prairie Estates Genetics named Pop-Dot its official Agency of Record. The two brands join a growing roster of national and international clients, some of which include: Johnsonville, Glue-Dots, Spectra USA, among others.

(Article posted with permission of original author)

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