Wisconsin-based Pharm-Aloe has selected Pop-Dot as their Agency of Record. Pharm-Aloe, maker of premium Aloe Vera products with distribution nationwide, has been creating aloe-based products for nearly 30 years.

“Pharm-Aloe’s focus has evolved to developing an organic, Aloe Vera-based product line—well before the organic health industry was booming,” said Kate Ewings, Partner at Pop-Dot. “We find that, time-and-time again, our clients are drawn to us because we share a passion for innovation in our respective fields.”

Pharm-Aloe is not only dedicated to creating forward-thinking products, but also to ensuring the quality of their products. This commitment begins at the literal root of the matter; from initial plant growth all the way through to product testing, the Pharm-Aloe team is experienced every step of the way. The results of this commitment are evident, especially when comparing the brand’s products to the competition, where Pharm-Aloe products reliably boast the highest potency levels in the market.

Pharm-Aloe joins a roster of other large, international organizations who are clients at Pop-Dot, including Johnsonville, Glue Dots, Grande Cheese Company, among others.

(Article posted with permission of original author)

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