ERDMAN, the nationally-renowned healthcare solutions provider, has selected Madison-based agency, Pop-Dot, to provide strategic marketing and creative services. Also headquartered in Madison, ERDMAN has a footprint which spans the country, with offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle and Washington D.C.

“Pop-Dot and ERDMAN have a lot in common,” said the Pop-Dot’s President, Jason Fish. “Both companies believe in a multiple-perspective approach to solving business challenges. Both believe in delivering options where the sum is greater than the parts. And both companies have cultures that place a high value on supporting their communities through the giving of time and skill. We feel a kinship on many levels, and in my experience, kinships like this create powerful partnerships and impactful work.”

The appoint of Pop-Dot comes at a time of dynamic change in the healthcare industry. For their part, ERDMAN is betting that the firm’s unique approach and methodology—which has been coined Integrative Thinking—can help their clients meet the complex challenges of population health, new service offerings, and enhanced patient experiences.

“ERDMAN is the quintessential example of a company that’s not only successfully riding the wave of change themselves, but also helping others successfully ride that wave,” said Shelley Beere, Pop-Dot’s Senior Brand Strategist.  “It’s a company with a noted track-record of innovative and creative thinking. It started with ERDMAN’s founder and it continues today, 65 years later.”

ERDMAN was founded in 1951 by Marshall Erdman, who is recognized both for his work with Frank Lloyd Wright, and also as an originator of architectural and building practices which continue to influence and shape the building industry in the United States today.

(Article posted with permission of original author)

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