Pop-Dot confirmed Wednesday that the Wisconsin marketing juggernaut was selected by Sound Devices—the maker of Hollywood’s most beloved sound equipment—as the company’s new strategic marketing partner. The appointment of Pop-Dot follows an agency review which included a number of contenders.

“Sound Devices has already built a brand to be envious of,” said Pop-Dot’s President, Jason Fish. “Their fan base of audio professionals in industries from motion pictures, to television, to documentary film—it’s unparalleled in show business.”

With the use of Sound Devices equipment in more Oscar and Emmy award-winning productions than can be easily named, it’s clear why the brand is synonymous with the entertainment industry. However, Sound Devices popularity in advertising, gaming, sports and news is equally impressive. Its equipment regularly takes center stage on commercial productions for the likes of BMV, video games such as the wildly-popular Assassin’s Creed, sporting events for the NFL and the Summer Olympics, as well as one-on-one interviews at the White House.

When questioned about project details and the nature of the partnership, Pop-Dot’s leader chose to keep specifics close to the vest, saying only that the goals of the new alliance were about “next levels of success for Sound Devices’ business, brand and products.”

Pop-Dot is a Brand Strategy and Innovation Agency with international clients on five continents. The firm has been awarded several coveted accounts in the past year, including sausage-maker Johnsonville, education-tech powerhouse Renaissance Learning, and worldwide carpet-giant Beaulieu.

More information about Sound Devices and Pop-Dot can be found at www.sounddevices.com and popdotmarketing.movewebsite.net, respectively.

(Article posted with permission of original author)

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