The 76-year-old, highly-venerated manufacturer of fine cheeses, Grande, has chosen Pop-Dot to lead its enterprise-wide brand strategy efforts. The appointment, announced by the Wisconsin-based marketing firm today, also includes strategy-based assignments related to internal communications and a nationwide recruitment push.

“Pop-Dot has been welcomed like long-time members of the family by the people of Grande,” said agency president, Jason Fish. “We’re grateful for that, and we’re honored to be joining this family of hundreds who love the Grande brand, and love what the brands stand for.”

Grande’s founder, Filippo Candela, moved to America from post-war Italy in 1925. With his wife, Provvidenza, and only a few English words at his disposal, he made his way to Wisconsin in pursuit of his passion for making cheese. He soon met an Italian cheese buyer from Europe–a fateful meeting which led to the formation of Grande Cheese Company with a handful of family members and friends. Today, Grande boasts multiple business units, employs hundreds across America, and operates production facilities throughout the state of Wisconsin.

“The word grande in Italian means ‘greatness'” said Kate Ewings, Partner at Pop-Dot. “It’s a fitting word to describe not only the company and its products, but also the spirit of the people behind the brand. To see it in their eyes is inspiring.”

Grande’s products, which are known for their authenticity and quality, are prized by independent pizzerias and Italian restaurant operators from coast to coast. Their offerings include mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, asiago, romano, and a ricotta which the company spent 17 years perfecting.

(Article posted with permission of original author)

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