PlayN Wisconsin announced Wednesday that it’s tapped Madison, WI based Pop-Dot to serve as the brand’s marketing and advertising Agency of Record. The deal followed an agency review which included pitches for a fresh brand strategy, visual branding, messaging and media strategy.

“It’s going to be a pleasure to work with such a community-focused, family-friendly brand,” said Pop-Dot’s Kate Ewings. “Every time we visit PlayN Wisconsin, we hear the sound of very happy children, and it motivates us all.”

Both PlayN and Pop-Dot have declined to reveal strategic or creative details regarding the coming campaign. However, Pop-Dot’s President, Jason Fish, did drop a clue: “Positioning is key to the success of this brand’s business model, and we’re very excited about the creative strategy we’ve come up with to reposition PlayN Wisconsin—while keeping true to its community and family focus.”

The campaign is slated for a spring launch.

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