On Monday, Pop-Dot made public the newest addition to its client roster: Yelp.  According to the press release, the Madison-based advertising, PR and marketing firm is currently providing consultative services to Yelp Madison for its 2015 campaign.
“We’re keyed up to work with Yelp,” said Jason Fish, President at Pop-Dot, in an interview. “We’re working directly with Corey Dane [Yelp’s Community Director in Madison] who’s ambitious, passionate and dedicated to the success of Wisconsin businesses. His enthusiasm really is contagious.”
According to Yelp’s Corey Dane, market research and a segmentation study are currently underway, with campaign creative scheduled to debut in early spring 2015. “It’s important to know who our target audience is, and what part Yelp could potentially play in their lives, before art and copy are created for the advertising campaign.”
Although candid about the marketing plan’s strategic path, both parties are vowing to remain tight-lipped about the goals of the forthcoming campaign.
“My lips are sealed,” said Pop-Dot’s Rowan Childs. “But what I can say is that I’m excited to work with a client that has such a devoted following. I happen to know Yelp has a devoted following…because I’m a part of it.”
More information about Yelp Madison can be found at www.yelp.com/madison.
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