On Wednesday, Jason Fish and Kate Ewings of Pop-Dot presented “Game-Changers” to a sold out Park Bank auditorium in Middleton.  The event, organized by the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, was part of the organization’s monthly Ask the Expert series.

A passionate declaration by Mr. Fish, just seconds into the presentation, would set the tone for the talk:  “I’m here today to tell you that it’s absolutely possible to have clarity and confidence in your business and marketing strategies.”  The thread of “clarity and confidence” was one that the speakers pulled through the entire talk, and an anthem that he and Ms. Ewings returned to time-and-again, as they laid out five questions that served as the foundation for the talk.

When contacted after the event, Lisa DuChateau, Communication Coordinator for the Middleton Chamber of Commerce, described the talk as “an outstanding presentation.”

Pop-Dot is a brand strategy and innovation agency based in downtown Madison.  The firm recently signed Beaulieu America, a national company with international ties and $1 billion in annual revenue.  The agency’s principles are frequent speakers on the topics of branding, marketing strategy, and advertising.

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