Garden of Flavor, the popular cold-pressed juice brand based in Cleveland, Ohio has selected Madison-based Pop-Dot as it’s new Agency of Record. The move comes on the heals of a distribution deal which landed Garden of Flavor products on the shelves of several major grocers.

“We’re so grateful for the confidence that Garden of Flavor has in Pop-Dot,” said agency partner, Kate Ewings. “There’s a goodness and an authenticity about both the people at Garden of Flavor, and their products, which makes us extremely excited about the partnership.”

Pop-Dot was chosen following an agency review which included firms in Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. Considering its reputation, the self-described “brand strategy and innovation agency” seems the right choice for the innovative juice-maker. As recently as 2014, Garden of Flavor was honored with a World Beverage Innovation Award in Nuremberg, Germany, winning the Best Juice or Juice Drink category.

“The judges got it right,” said Ray Andrew, Creative Director at Pop-Dot. “Garden of Flavor truly is a world-class product, which makes our job as marketers much easier. It’s great to be part of developing a brand with such potential.”

(Article posted with permission of original author)

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