Billion-dollar retail giant, Colony Brands, has selected Pop-Dot to guide its brand strategy and recruitment efforts, the agency announced today. Headquartered in Monroe, Wisconsin, Colony Brands owns over 20 brands and affiliated companies, including Montgomery Ward, The Swiss Colony, Seventh Avenue, and Ginny’s among other nationally-renowned brands.

“Colony Brands has an impressive history of success that dates back almost 100 years,” said Jason Fish, President at Pop-Dot. “To be chosen to help them continue that record of success is an honor.”

Colony Brands was founded by Ray Kubly in 1926, as a one-man, mail-order cheese business operating from the family basement. Today, the company employs over 7,000 full-time, part-time and seasonal employees, with warehouses and fulfillment centers across the United States, and offices on two continents.

“Although it’s rewarding to work with successful companies, it’s even more rewarding to work with good people,” Jason Fish continued. “What doesn’t make the business press often enough is the generosity that Colony Brands shows the communities it operates in, and the employees that work for the company. The enormous, positive impact that Colony Brands has on people’s lives is its true success story.”

Pop-Dot’s appointment follows a review of several agencies, and comes on the heels of its work with Ginny’s–another nationally-beloved, Colony Brands entity. The Madison-based agency’s client roster includes both national and international corporations, as well as another privately held, Wisconsin-based giant: Johnsonville.

(Article posted with permission of original author)

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