In a move that indicates its dedication to turning the tables in a competitive culinary marketplace, The Wise selected Madison-based Pop-Dot as it’s marketing Agency of Record this week. The long-term agreement comes on the heels of the Monroe Street restaurant’s unveiling of a newly-renovated space and a cleverly-updated menu.

“The Wise is inspired by those who have stepped outside of the normal and accomplished great things,” said Kate Ewings, partner and Brand Strategist at Pop-Dot. “As a brand strategy and innovation agency, Pop-Dot lives outside of the normal—and alongside The Wise’s intelligent and passionate team—we will accomplish great things.”

The recent renovation of The Wise has only added to the restaurant’s reputation for being a social-centric dining and drinking destination. Its use of locally-sourced ingredients has also won it recent praise—ingredients which are used not only in the cuisine, but also to elevate a one-of-a-kind cocktail selection.

According to IDM Hospitality’s Tara Peterson, Pop-Dot was selected from a bevy of marketing agencies that were engaged during a comprehensive selection process. Ultimately, Madison-based Pop-Dot was chosen for its marketing acumen, strategic thinking and innovative ideas.

“The buzz surrounding The Wise has already begun,” said Ms. Ewings, “and Pop-Dot is extremely honored to be chosen to help deepen and intensify that buzz.”

(Article posted with permission of original author)

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