The American Advertising Awards is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative annual competition. On February 25th, the Madison Chapter of the American Advertising Federation held its own ceremony, where Madison-based agency, Pop-Dot, was honored with 10 American Advertising Awards across 10 categories.

“We’re thrilled to accept these awards on behalf of not only the agency, but also on behalf of our clients,” said Kate Ewings, a partner at Pop-Dot. “At our agency, advertising is approached as a team, so the credit goes to each and every individual. And we always work in collaboration with our partner-clients, so credit goes to our clients, as well.”

Pop-Dot’s work was honored across several creative categories, which put on display not only the quality of the agency’s work, but also its range. The agency was recognized for everything from sales kit promotions for Johnsonville, to a video production that unveiled the branding for the City of Madison’s Imagine Madison program. However, the highest honor came when Pop-Dot was awarded the Gold ADDY® in the category of Integrated Advertising Campaign.

“If you look at the research, which dates back decades, there’s a strong correlation between award-winning advertising and positive business effects,” said Jason Fish, Pop-Dot’s President. “We’re talking about measures such as revenue effects, profit effects, effects on price sensitivity, and the like. That’s why being awarded for creativity in advertising means much more to us as an agency–and to our clients–than simply winning more trophies.”

When considering the entire body of work for which Pop-Dot was awarded, one aspect immediately stands out: the agency’s digital marketing chops. A full eight of the ten American Advertising Awards bestowed contained at least one digital component. This is a good sign for a forward-looking marketing firm which describes itself as a brand strategy and innovation agency.

(Article posted with permission of original author)

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